An Award-Winning eCommerce Site and POS System for Sherry-Lehmann

The Client

Sherry-Lehmann has been serving and educating wine-lovers since 1934. Through their dedication to quality products across a vast inventory and to fostering long-standing customer relationships, Sherry-Lehmann continues to be the toast of Park Avenue.

The Website

Our relationship with Sherry-Lehmann is one that has grown over time, as our two companies have developed a strong working relationship based on trust and expectations met. We helped Sherry-Lehmann produce their first website with a very limited selection of products in the fall of 1999. Since then, their site has expanded to include over 3,000 products and currently represents approximately 15% of their business.

Along the way, Sherry-Lehmann won awards and recognition for their site, as numerous features, such as dynamic publishing, user personalization and an intelligent product search, were added.

The POS System

In 2003, Net Theory’s work for Sherry-Lehmann moved beyond the website as we were entrusted with the task of developing software to manage the client’s mission-critical sales and customer service functions. We helped Sherry-Lehmann deploy a browser-based point-of-sale (POS) system onto their busy sales floor, fully integrated with the website. With this system in place, Sherry-Lehmann employees are able to manage all products and customer records for both their massive, 10,000 square foot store, and the web from the same administrative interface.

Warehouse API Integration

Our relationship continues to grow, two decades after it began, as we implement an Application Program Interface (API), which acts as a bridge between their website and internal system. This API will update information, such as pricing, product descriptions, and payments, simultaneously on both systems.

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