At Net Theory, we help our clients craft meaningful experiences that resonate with modern users.

our expertise

Custom eCommerce

The Net Theory approach to eCommerce is rooted in creating genuine connections between our clients and their customer base, finding the right balance between delivering memorable experiences and achieving business goals.

We work collaboratively with our clients, building a streamlined custom solution with all the functionality they need, and none they don’t. What results is an eCommerce experience that customers are happy to purchase from and return to, and brand growth across all channels.

Search Engine Optimization

 The parameters for SEO are constantly changing. We believe in establishing an analysis, execution, and monitoring strategy that will deliver optimal content and help drive the right traffic to your site. We deliver monthly reports, to show our clients exactly which elements increase visibility and eCommerce sales, the elements that still require improvement, and how to continue to optimize.

As an agency, we understand that SEO is a process, and we strive to set and reach realistic, consistent long-term goals, rather than frontload our work and rely on gimmicks that won’t last.

our services

frontend development

Net Theory develops front end code to be fast, responsive, and easy to maintain. By staying on top of the latest advances, we ensure the best possible technological fit.

Information Architecture

A successful launch must begin with a clear strategy. Net Theory helps its clients clearly organize and prioritize their content to maximize their site effectiveness and grow their brand online.

Graphic Design

Net Theory designs for beauty and ultra-functionality across all platforms, devices, and mobile apps, with particular focus on clean mobile design. Our custom web design work relies on simple creativity, not gimmicks.



Consistency is key to delivering intuitive experiences. We establish clear elements, ensure ADA compliance, and utilize familiar patterns and tone across all facets of our web and app designs.


We take pride in building thoughtful, robust backend systems, giving the power of the website to our clients, and providing custom CMS integrations with marketing platforms and analytical services.


Once we launch your site or app, Net Theory is as committed to its continued success as you are. Our developers remain proactive when it comes to bug fixes and updates, and keep our clients’ sites running 24/7/365.

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