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Our Services

  • Front End and Back End development
  • WordPress Blog Implementation
  • Mobile Development
  • Content Management System
  • Point Of Sales Systems
  • Custom E-commerce Solutions
  • Critical Private Systems
  • Client Relationship / User Account Mgmt.

We have been in business since 1999. What sets Net Theory apart is our enthusiasm for thought. We rely on each other to make new things. As our client, we discuss the entire scope of your project with you, and invent solutions to match. Discovering them is our favorite part, too.

Case Studies


Client Industry:

Local Neighborhood News

The system that was delivered:

Mobile Optimization, Redesign, Search Engine Optimization, Billing System

Deployment date:

March 2015 – present


Mobile Responsiveness and Optimization, Design, Search Engine Optimization, Video Integration

TAP Into is a fast-expanding online network of locally owned and operated newspapers, serving over fifty communities. When TAP Into approached us, their seven-year-old site was in no way mobile optimized, yet 51% of its 3.5 million users were viewing on mobile devices. We took their proposed design, which they liked but was optimized only for tablet in vertical view, and built and implemented a site that could withstand the continuous changes it sees every day from various admins and remain optimized on all devices.

We launched the new, fully optimized TAP Into in March 2015, and in less that two months, we’ve seen a 15% increase in total traffic, with mobile users now representing 59% of all users. Since the site relaunch, we have focused on improving TAP Into’s Google rankings through SEO. The site has seen dramatic improvements, including a 120% jump in Google News referrals in the first month. We also added better YouTube video functionality and redesigned the site to create a better user experience. And this fall, we will introduce a cutting edge online billing system designed to save TAP’s admins time and money.

Oxford University Press

198 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10016

Client Industry:

Academic Publisher

The system that was delivered:

Custom WordPress Development

Deployment date:

September 2013 first site


WordPress, scalable systems, third-party integration

We are often asked to do custom WordPress development for our clients, making the blogging platform stretch to meet many different needs. Our Oxford University Press (OUP) projects are some of the most versatile examples of this work. We have helped OUP create a series of marketing sites for their online Research Encyclopedias.

Each encyclopedia subject requires its own site, which means they needed a system that would be easily scalable to create many “cloned” websites with quick turnaround. We created a customized WordPress installation that allows for this growth, generating similar sites that are each configurable and easy for OUP to edit. The sites use a custom WordPress theme, and are able to integrate Twitter feeds and third-party content systems.

Sherry-Lehmann, Inc.

505 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10022

Client Industry:

Retail Wine Sales

The system that was delivered:

Browser based point of sale system for management of mission critical sales and customer service functions (fully integrated with website).

Deployment date:

Fall 2003-Present


Personalized and attentive service, browser-based tools for client maintenance of content, long-term relationship

Our relationship with Sherry-Lehmann is one that has grown over time, as our two companies have developed a strong working relationship based on trust and expectations met. We helped Sherry-Lehmann produce their first website with a very limited selection of products in the fall of 1999. Since then, their site has expanded to include over 3,000 products and currently represents approximately 15% of their business. Along the way, Sherry-Lehmann won awards and recognition for their site as numerous features were added, such as dynamic publishing, user personalization and an intelligent product search.

Net Theory’s work for Sherry-Lehmann has subsequently moved beyond the website as we have been entrusted with the task of developing software to manage the client’s mission-critical sales and customer service functions. In 2003, Sherry-Lehmann deployed a browser-based point-of-sale (cash register) system on their busy sales floor. The system is fully integrated with the website and the client is able to manage all products and customer records for the store and the web from the same administrative interface.


(ASA Summer Programs)

375 West Broadway, New York NY 10012

Client Industry:

Tourism/Youth & Education

The system that was delivered:

Redesign, Content Management System, Application Functionality

Deployment date:



Design, Content Management is the home of ASA Summer Programs, a company specializing in summer programs for high school students. ASA Summerfuel’s programs blend a collegiate atmosphere with opportunities for a great summer vacation, within the U.S and across the world. Net Theory designed their website with fun and warmth in mind, to attract students with enticing program details while providing families with straightforward information.

Students can apply online and manage their status through the MyASA portal, making the Summerfuel website the focal point in pursuing ASA Summerfuel programs. This emphasis brings the site far beyond the limits of a brochure, and makes it ideal to engage high school students throughout the U.S. and many other countries.

Caviar Russe, Boutique and Restaurant

538 Madison Avenue, New York NY 10022

Client Industry:

Luxury Food, Retail & Restaurant

The system that was delivered:

Redesign, Content Management System, E-Commerce

Deployment date:



Design, Content Management, E-Commerce

Caviar Russe is the largest caviar importer to the U.S., maintaining a luxury retail and restaurant space on Madison Avenue in New York City. Their original website included both an e-commerce store and information for their restaurant. They engaged Net Theory to produce two new websites, a site for each business, that are unique, yet present a unified brand.

In order to highlight the restaurant’s image and appeal, Caviar Russe decided to give the establishment its own space on the web. Net Theory created a new self-contained website for the restaurant, which launched in September 2010. The design of the site is light and elegant, emphasizing an improved image gallery and the restaurant’s inviting characteristics. For the retail store, Net Theory produced a brand new design, code base, ecommerce system, and site architecture. This project included a robust back-end system for the e-commerce store that is integrated with their business operations. The design of the site is bright and polished, emphasizing the site’s updated photos, and the products’ luxury appeal.

7 Dey St, Suite 300

New York, NY