Website Build & Virtual E-Commerce Solution for Persist Kids

The Client

The Persist Kids Leadership Program helps kids discover how to believe in themselves and face challenges with confidence. Our client since 2018, Persist Kids has been established as a supplemental leadership program for several schools in the greater New York City area. Since the start of the pandemic, they have shifted their focus to parents and educators teaching their children remotely and virtually.

The Project

Our initial build website focused on describing the program and its successes within their flagship schools. It was largely for marketing purposes, with sample lessons and video of the program in action.

In the second phase of the site build, we built a portal for teachers to login and gain access to password protected lesson plans, worksheets, and instructional videos. 

The eCommerce Solution

When the pandemic hit, Persist Kids was forced to quickly reevaluate their business model and make a huge shift, focusing their attention on the parents who were now facing completely new challenges in educating their children. We built an eCommerce solution, for both physical workbooks and virtual products such as videos, allowing customers to treat the website as an educational portal from which they can teach their children.

We also developed a quick responsive build, to accommodate parents and educators who would be utilizing tablets and mobile devices for these sessions, and a blog for the Persist Kids team to offer their advice on topics such as teaching kids to have perseverance and grit, and  overcoming failures.

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